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Research interests: Critical Discourse Analysis, cognitive linguistics, cognitive lexical semantics, cognitive approaches to grammar




Wilk, P. (2014). Stance in press discourse: The case of Poles and Poland in the Guardian. Opole: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Opolskiego.

Edited books:

Piasecka, L., Adams-Tukiendorf, M., & Wilk, P. (Eds.). (2015). New media and old problems in foreign language learning and teaching. Berlin: Springer.

Articles in academic journals and book chapters:

Wilk, P.  (2007). A genre analysis of the blurb: Implications for a genre-based approach to teaching writing. In J. Zalewski (Ed.), Topics in applied linguistics (pp. 129-140). Opole: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Opolskiego.

Wilk, P. (2009). Production of news as a social process. In J. Zalewski (Ed.), Language,cognition, and society (pp.137-145). Opole: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Opolskiego.

Wilk, P. (2010). Images of Poles and Poland in the Guardian. In Korte, B., Pirker, E. U. &Helff, S. (Eds.), Facing the east in the west: Images of eastern Europe in British literature, film and culture (pp. 335-348). Amsterdam: Rodopi.

Wilk, P. (2010). Obraz/y Polaka na emigracji w prasie brytyjskiej na podstawie dziennika”Guardian”. In J. Czaplińska & S. Giergiel (Eds.), Od banity do nomady (pp. 119-124). Opole: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Opolskiego.

Wilk, P. (2012). Polska i jej miejsce w Europie. Europa jako konstrukt dyskursywny. Etnolingwistyka, 24, 57-69.

Wilk, P. (2012). Immigration metaphors in press discourse. In M. Cichmińska & I. Matusiak-Kempa (Eds.), Nowe zjawiska w języku, tekście i komunikacji IV: Metafory i amalgamaty pojęciowe (pp. 291-307). Olsztyn:  Instytut Filologii Polskiej UMW w Olsztynie.

Wilk, P. (2013). „After ‚nice’ Lech… we now have a ‚nasty’ Lech”. The Kaczyński brothers: Politics of disgrace? In R. Wolny, S. Nicieja & A. Ciuk (Eds.), Evil and ugliness across literatures and cultures (pp.279-291). Opole: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Opolskiego.

Wilk, P. (2013). Metaphor and its ideological potential. In M. Kleban & E. Willim (Eds.), PASE papers in linguistics (pp. 155-170). Kraków: Jagiellonian University Press.

Wilk, P. (2014). Accession or enlargement? Construing the EU integration: A cognitive linguistics perspective. In D. Babilas, A. Piskorska & P. Rutkowski, Face to face, page to page: PASE papers in literature, language and culture (pp. 549-559). Warszawa: Instytut Anglistyki Uniwersytet Warszawski.

Wilk, P. (2015). Some implications for developing learners’ figurative language competence across modalities: Metaphor, metonymy and blending in the picture modality. In L. Piasecka, M. Adams-Tukiendorf & P. Wilk (Eds.), New media and old problems in foreign language learning and teaching (pp. 169-188). Berlin: Springer.

Wilk, P. (2016). On the polysemy of the lexical item EUROPE: An approach from access semantics. In M. Fabiszak, K. Krawczak & K. Rokoszewska (Eds.), Categorization in discourse and grammar (Łódź Studies in Language 40, pp. 239-252). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

Szymańska-Czaplak, E., & Wilk, P. (2016). Catalonia calling you: Intercultural Encounters as an example of a cultural sensitivity-raising project for Polish students of English. ResRhetorica 1, 90-97.

Wilk, P. (2016). On some conceptualizations of Europe in press discourse: An approach from access semantics. In P. Łozowski, & K. Stadnik (Eds.), Visions and revisions: Studies in theoretical and applied linguistics (Łódź Studies in Language 44, pp. 209-218). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

Wilk, P. (in press). Construing the Other: On some ideology-laden construals of Europeans. In K. Molek-Kozakowska & J. Chovanec (Eds.), Representing the other in European media discourses. Amsterdam: Benjamins.

Wilk, P. (in press). The role of the cognitive model profile in knowledge representations and meaning construction: The case of the lexical item Europe. In C. F. Rodriquez-Juarez (Ed.), New Insights into Meaning Construction and Knowledge Representation (a special issue of Revista de lenguas para fines específicos). Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Wilk, P. (under review). ‘Rocking the boat’ and ‘putting spanners in the works’: On different metaphorical conceptualizations of the European Union.

Wilk, P. (under review). Conceptual polysemy in the service of ideology: How the semantic potential of the lexical item Europe contributes to ideology reproduction in press discourse.


Wilk, P. (2013). Review of the book Extended Vantage Theory in linguistic application: The case of the English articles. Explorations: A Journal of Language and Literature, 1, 179-183.

Wilk, P. (2014). Review of the book Language and time: A cognitive linguistics approach. Explorations: A Journal of Language and Literature, 2, 65-68.

Wilk, P. (2015). Review of the book The language myth: Why language is not an instinct. Explorations: A Journal of Language and Literature, 3, 100-102.

Participation in conferences:

2009 (26-27 March), I Symposium Opoliensis: Od banity do nomady. Opole. Title of presentation: Obraz/y Polaka na emigracji w prasie brytyjskiej na przykładzie dziennika „Guardian”.

2009 (23-26 July), Facing the east in the west: Images of eastern Europe in British literature, film and culture. Freiburg, Grmany. Title of presentation: Images of Poles and Poland in the Guardian.

2010 (26-27 April), Ethnolinguistic Studies of Interaction and Text. Portsmouth, UK. Title of presentation: Political images of the Kaczynski brothers in the ‘Guardian’ press discourse.

2010 (23-25 September), V konferencja w ramach konserwatorium EUROJOS na temat wartości w językowo-kulturowym obrazie świata Słowian i ich sąsiadów. Lublin.  Title of presentation: Polska i jej miejsce w Europie. Europa jako konstrukt dyskursywny.

2010 (25-26 October), Evil, ugliness, disgrace in the cultures of the west and east. Kamień Śląski. Title of presentation: “After a ‘nice’ Lech … we now have a ‘nasty’ Lech”. The Kaczynski brothers: politics of disgrace?

2012 (19-21 April), XVIII konferencja PASE. Kraków. Title of presentation: Metaphor and its ideological potential.

2012 (10-11 May), Nowe zjawiska w języku, tekście i komunikacji IV: Metafory i amalgamaty pojęciowe. Olsztyn. Title of presentation: Immigration metaphors in press discourse.

2012 (16-17 November), Topics in Applied Linguistics: Cmmunication in the New Media Age. Opole. Title of presentation: Alternate construals of the EU crisis: Metaphor, metonymy, and blending.

2012 (22-23 November), VI konferencja w ramach konserwatorium EUROJOS na temat wartości w językowo-kulturowym obrazie świata Słowian i ich sąsiadów. Lublin. Title of presentation: Obrazy Europy w brytyjskim dyskursie prasowym.

2013 (22-24 April), XIX konferencja PASE. Warszawa. Title of presentation: Accession or enlargement? Construing the EU integration: A cognitive linguistics perspective.

2013 (7-9 October), Topics in Applied Linguistics: Social, Cultural and Affective Influence on Language Processes. Opole. Title of presentation: The influence of authorial stance on the process of figurative language understanding: The case of metaphor

2014 (7-9 April), PASE. Lublin. Title of presentation: Towards a cognitive model profile of EUROPE: An approach from access semantics.

2014 (29-31 July), 5th UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference. Lancaster, UK. Title of presentation: Towards a cognitive model profile of EUROPE in press discourse: A pilot study.

2014 (28 August-2 September), 12th ESSE Conference. Koszyce, Słowacja. Title of presentation: New Europeans in the Guardian: A pilot study.

2014 (15-16 September), Językoznawstwo kognitywne w roku 2014. Częstochowa. Title of presentation: Polysemy or figurative language use? The status of the lexical item EUROPE in press discourse.

2015 (24-26 September), Językoznawstwo kognitywne w roku 2015. Lublin. Title of presentation: Polysemy in the service of ideology.

2016 (6-8 July) 5th International Conference on Meaning and Knowledge Representation.Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Title of presentation: Construing Europe: The role of metonymy based polysemy in meaning construction and knowledge representation.

2016 (22-24 September) Językoznawstwo kognitywne w roku 2016. Olsztyn. Title of presentation: On the inter-lexical polysemy of the lexical items Europe and EU.

2016 (25-26 November) Figurative language, cognition and discourse. Częstochowa. Title of presentation: Between metaphor and metonymy: On some figurative conceptualizations of the European Union.

2017 (6-7 April) Culture and Cognition in Language. Rzeszów. Title of presentation: On some conceptualizations of Brexit: A case study in the picture modality.

Editorials and refereeing:

Assistant Edtior, Explorations: A Journal of Language and Linguistics – since 2013

Reviewer for the following journals:

  • Journal of Computer-Assisted Linguistic Research
  • Educational Research and Reviews
  • Res Rhetorica
  • Poliarchia


Polish Association for the Study of English (member)

Polish Cognitive Linguistics Association (member)

Section of Ethonlinguistics, Committee of Linguistics, Polish Academy of Sciences PAN (research associate)

ERASMUS staff mobility program:

May 2013,  Department of English Studies, University of Valencia, Spain

September 2014, Department of English Studies, University of Vic, Spain


July 2013, Summer School in Cognitive Linguistics, Bangor Uiversity, UK

April 2015, Workshop, Teaching English to young learners, University of Vic, Spain

April 2016, Workhop, Teaching and learnign without boarders, University of Vic, Spain

October 2016, Workshop on cognitive linguistisc with Mark Turner, Wrocław University

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